Belia Shinescale

Summoner Belia Shinescale (a.k.a. Celes)

considered to be the first practicioner of summoning magic, Belia Shinescales research into the divine realms and summoning has interspersed itself within legend for all eternity.

Physical Description

Body Features

Caucasian skin, with light freckles. The freckles extremely noticable due to her agoraphobia and lack of sunlight as a result later in life until her death.

Physical quirks

She always walked with a bit of a skittish tic, looking everywhere for danger and never finding it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born just a few short years after the Terrasque last devoured the history of the world, Belia was born a normal girl, in an extrodinary time of discovery. Arcane magic had been found again, and was found to be an exciting prospect of discovery for the ages. Because of growing tensions and a large bandit presence in the region, Belias parents sent her away to college at the age of 12, in order to learn about the world of Magic, which was a curious topic for her throughout her youth.


Belia found herself educated by her doting parents in the chaos of the world, sending her away at a fairly young age to learn and assist with researching newfound magics that had been discovered a multitude of times. She quickly made it through her college, and was given the title of "Wizard" before she turned 18.


After given the title of Wizard, she left college and sought employment with several scribes of the region, who were writing down every scrap of history they could, in order to offset the terrasques menace again, hopefully writing copies of information to scatter them to the corners of the globe.

After learning of several spells that could create or summon things, she did research in her spare time to learn more of these summoned items. After publishing her results, her city decided to fund her research, and allow her time alone in order to make her own observations.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Created the first summon, and over time, directed the exact steps to commune with summoned creatures, and gain their trust to be able to fight or assist the summoner, called the Summoners Greeting .
  • Discovered a large multitude of summonable creatures, and the process by which any caster could summon any creature.
  • Was the original discoverer of the purpose behind Hellgates, and the first to research how to utilize them.

Failures & Embarrassments

Known as a social outcast, Belia was frequently on her own with her discoveries, and many thought her to be a demon worshiper. Whenever the rumors would start to circulate, she would leave that town, moving to the next in order to continue her research. As such, her only friends were the ones she would summon on a regular basis.

Mental Trauma

Considered an introvert at best, and socially retarded at her worst, Belia had very few friends outside of her summons. This lead to quite a few minor phobias including agoriphobia, phobophobia and thanatophobia. She also suffered from severe social anxiety, and because of this, locked herself away for her research, and made deals with the locals to ensure they deliver her food and coin in return for her research notes.

Intellectual Characteristics

Considered extremely intelligent, Belia had a pure connection to the world of summoning, and used that to make her career and life as easy as possible.

Morality & Philosophy

Considered to be a genuinly good person, if anything just someone who avoided contact with a majority of people, Belia holds that all life is sacred, and that knowledge is the ultimate goal of magic. Allowing the lessons learned from one wizard to be shared forever.


Belia abhors killing inteligent life, or for her summons to be truely hurt at her behest. It took speaking with several of them to find out that they do not truely sacrifice themselves, but onlyseek to protect her as per their arrangement.

Personality Characteristics


She always looked to make friends, just never fit in properly with mortals. As a result, she looked to learn more about the divine realms, and general companionship with her summoned friends.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

  • Extremely good at summoning Magic, Very poor at social situations
  • Very good at research, Very poor at self sustainability.

15 AC 97 AC 82 years old
Circumstances of Death
Belia died of old age, after summoning one of her many friends to stay with her while she passed. She died, surrounded by her summoned creatures, hopeful to see them again in the afterlife.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Narrow brown eyes
Braided auburn hair, which became silvered when she passed away.
Known Languages
Common, Celestial, various.


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