Also called "Darksilk" and "Bolet Fiber" cloth, Shadowsilk originally was found within Ummortu before dark elves managed to transport it to pondera through dark pacts with otherworldly beings. They refined the process, and now, shadowsilk can be found the world over, supporting those who reside mostly in darkness.


Material Characteristics

Upon first inspection, shadowsilk appears to be a heavy, naturally dark silk. The texture is smooth, but light does not easily reflect off of its surface unless in bright light or sunlight, at which point there is a deep purple sheen to the fabric itself.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Similar to silk, shadowsilk appears as a lightweight fabric (though heavier than silk) but makes little to no sound when it rubs against itself. A fantastic material for sneaking around for sure. Also, when in complete darkness, the threads of shadowsilk will knit itself back together again over time.

Origin & Source

Created from a very specific type of moth larvae that was originally only found in Ummortu but was introduced into Grott via Dark Elves. The moth larvae are called "Bolet Worms," which feed off of fungus and other parasites found in dark locations, especially those that emit a soft light. Anything bright enough to read in normally is enough to damage, blind, or sometimes even kill off the worms, which require the darkness in order to process their meals.

Once the Bolet Worms have consumed enough food, they will enter a pupal stage and wrap themselves in a cocoon made of shadowsilk. If left alone, the Bolet Worms will become Bright Moths and continue to perpetuate the breeding cycle, but since Bright Moths glow just enough to damage the raw silk, it almost completely invalidates the process. To which the cocoons are instead boiled, and the silkworms eaten for much needed proteen within their environments.

After the boiling process, the silk is stretched, and spun into individual strands, and is usually made into tapestries, or used as decorative lining in fabrics. This fabric is very durable when out of sunlight, and even in sunlight can last up to five years of direct sunshine every day. When in darkness, due to its properties, can survive indefinately in the dark.

Black (deep purple or crimson in bright light)


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