Said to have come from a direct descendants of dragons, Kobolds are considered the greatest of miners throughout the world.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Kobolds are known as sexual creatures, and allthough they usually do not take life mates are known as prolific breeders, and females are known to take numerous partners to ensure fertilization. Kobolds can lay eggs up to three times a year, once every four months in clutches of two to six eggs.

Growth Rate & Stages

After their initial hatching, which usually takes about a month after being lain, kobolds are cared for by designated members of the tribe, who care for them until they can fend for themselves, usually between 8 to 12 months after being hatched. After this time, kobolds enter the work force of a tribe, and perform many of the same duties as others of their race.

Ecology and Habitats

Living primarily underground, kobolds primarily live in natural or man-made caves and caverns, primarily searching through them to mine out special resources and metals. Using the cave systems they develop, they are considered some of the finest miners in the world, surpassing even dwarves, and frequently and constantly collect plenty of metals in droves.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kobolds are omnivorous, but frequently eat meat or vermin (bugs, rats, ect...) due to their primarily cave based society. Food is usually eaten quickly, but tribes with smarter kobolds tend to smoke their meats outside of the cave, and keep preserved food deeper inside the cave to ensure quality. This food is usually protected by the leader of the den, in whatever means the leader deems necessary.

Biological Cycle

Being cold blooded creatures, kobolds require less food than normal during warm seasons, and tend to shed their skin during this time, usually with flakes, or large chunks of skin twice a year. Because of this, they spend the majority of their time underground where temperature is easily regulated through the earth and flames.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Kobolds exist primarily in mountainous or dry areas, places where caves are naturally formed, such as near bodies of running water, or near the ocean. Overall, anywhere dragons exist is also a prime opportunity for tribes of kobolds to congregate as well. As such, Kobolds are found all over the world with different cultures and varieties of each type specific to the region they are found.

Average Intelligence

Kobalds are considered by most to be a savage species, until one would get to know and understand kobold culture. Those who do would find a rich history, a predaliction for the sciences, and quite abit of common sense, equal to the majority of civilized races. Overall, kobalds are no smarter than the average person.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to Kobolds spending generations upon generations underground, they have developed darkvision, allowing them to see through the majority of their caverns that they mine out. Otherwise, they can hear, and smell normally.

Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Kobolds at a glance look very week compared to other races. They have thinner limbs and appear frail to most. However, they make up for this with tough scaled hide, and a great quickness in their speed and actions, that more than make up for their lack of strength.


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