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A simple title for those who earn it. The title of Credell is vastly underrated to titles such as "Emperor" or "King" and yet the Credell rules over both. The title of Credell is given only to the absolute ruler of the Credell Empire who rules over all connected waters of their realm.


Becoming the leader of all aquatic races within the world is a grand responsibility, and a political one at best. In order to become the Credell, one must first be voted into power by the majority of their race, to ensure that only the best of the best are held within the grand council. The grand council is made up of one of each intelligent aquatic race within the Credell empire, and contains the most powerful creatures in known existance. From these, the council themselves decides upon a Credell once the previous passes away. This requires a majority vote by all Credell races available in order to have the Credell chosen.


The duties of the credell are vast, as they rule over the entire chaotic empire of creatures who want to eat, and hunt one another. They are tasked as the leader of warfare, as the one who may start a war outside of the empire, and alongside the council has the power to end a war anywhere.

The credell also has the power to dominate trade within his realm. Meaning that he decides what ships are to be attacked by races seeking treasure and food, and which are forbidden by law. This is not always apparent, and only guarantees protection from the empire, and not wild animals.

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Alternative Naming
Emperor, Wave-whisperer
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