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Cinderholm is a large Dwarven city built over a volcanic crater in the Synvall mountains.    Cinderholm is a city of industry. The dwarves here have developed ways to harvest the geothermal energy from the volcanic crater the city is partially built over to heat there homes, bathes, farms, and to power the city's famous metalworks " The Sleepless Forges".   On the surface Cinderholm appears to be a normal town built around the edge of a volcanic crater, however once travelers arrive they quickly notice the vast number of lifts and stairways that lead down to ever lower levels of the city. The city is composed of 4 levels.  The first level is composed of loading areas and stables, the second level is hospitality, markets and housing, the third level contains the mushroom farms and more houseing, and finaly the 4th level is reserved for metal and steam works.


Elected Council


Topside Hospitality Farms Metalworks Deepworks


Primarly monolithic stone buildings


Volcanic crater

Natural Resources

Stone  Metals Produce
Characters in Location


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