Broken empire alliance

The name of Broken empire alliance refers to the military coalition raised to face the threat of the orcish horde lead by Toiag Bloodcleaver and, later on, to split the occupied territories in the East between the countries and organizations involved. The name of the coalition comes from the Dragon Empire since the vast majority of the participating nations had been part of it. The alliance, for a long while, has been threatened by ancient feuds and deep-rooting animosity, and only thanks to the transversal pledge of the Order of the Dragon those feelings were put aside to take care of the imminent danger.

Historical antefacts

The rise to power of Toiag met a passive stance in the western countries, they assumed wrongly it wasn't anything that would concern them and, actually, some governors had the wrong assumption that he could have been a possible commercial partner. This bland reactive stance of the western powers allowed Toiag to consolidate, unify and organize infrastructurally the orcish horde, and once his stronghold in Unazan Gazar was established he started to threaten the nearby populations of the Otadan (the people of the planes) and the Hintadu. The western countries stirred from their inaction after the interruption of the trades from the east due to the interruption of the caravan routes by the recurrent attacks from goblinoid populations, the vanguard of the horde.


With the interruption of every trade route coming from the east, it was clear that a different approach was needed but most leaders carried on under-evaluating the danger. Believing in the chance of a diplomatic action and hoping to obtain influence and advantages, Konrad, Grand-Duke of High-fence, sent a group of ambassadors to negotiate with the orchish warlord. The leader of the delegation was Erian, Konrad's nephew, with other cadet of the most notable families of the Grand Duchy, who kept sending messages with carrier pigeons to inform his uncle about the progresses. The communications were abruptly interrupted short after their arrival at the fortress of Unazan Gazar and nearly three months of silence followed. None of them ever returned, and the severed right hand of the chief negotiator was delivered back to his uncle by a group of merchants, released to carry the grim message. The news spread rapidly across the continent, while news of the raids of the villages in the oriental extremity of the Saythian Republic started to come with increasing frequency. The mistrust and acrimony between neighboring countries was preventing any possible hope of forming a strong military coalition, needed to fight the orcish horde. Eventually The Grand Master of the Order of the Dragon acted as an intercessor between the position of the various countries involved.

Participating Countries

After the defeat at the Kamup Oasis, the Broken Empire Alliance was reinforced by the Saythian Navy, by a detachment from the Dwarven Kingdoms and from a group of Fire elementalists from the Tower of Frosno. These reinforcements made possible a pincer maneuver that was fundamental for the final victory. Otadan and Hintadu scouts were as well fundamental for the success of the campaign, but officially they weren't part of the alliance.


Although the alliance was successful in the takeover of the common threat, several problems arouse during the meetings to discuss how to divide the lands conquered. Especially Otadan and Hintadu have seen most of their lands confiscated by foreigners. The western powers at the present still have diplomats in Unazan Gazar discussing a convenient asset of powers, anyhow they seem far from producing any suitable agreement. The Order of the Dragon from their quarters in Unazan Gazar tries to balance the parties involved with poor luck so far.
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