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Cave Lurker

The last thing you want to see in a cave is a long, distorted humanoid scuttle past along the ceiling.
    This species was discovered after The Great Shattering when a large specimen ambushed a group of spelunkers. It was first believed to be a singular incident. Over time more lurkers were discovered in secluded cave systems.    


  Cave lurkers have elongated human bodies with five pairs of limbs. Their skin is pale, semi-translucent, and usually covered in different fungi. Each limb has a modified hand that allows the creature to scale most surfaces.   There is no visible hair on any portion of the body. Their faces are flat, smooth, and almost featureless except for a large mouth with two rows of sharp teeth. Breathing holes that can be closed are located on their backs.    


  Lurkers have only been discovered in caves. In all cases the systems were previously sealed or hard to access due to the shatter. They appear to tolerate a wide temperature range, but need damp environments to survive. Scientists believe they cannot tolerate sunlight.    


  The full extent of what lurkers consume is unknown. They appear to be omnivores that prey on anything that crosses their path. Some specimens were observed plucking the growths from their bodies and eating that as well.    

Distorted Humans

  Researchers studied the DNA of dead specimens. The strongest theory is that these used to be normal humans who were trapped during the shatter. These groups were then unfortunate enough to develop distortion sickness from any nearby reality rifts.   Effects varied between different populations, but they were still similar in ways. Whatever happened caused an accelerated evolution among those affected. Individuals who survived and adapted to the caves proceeded to reproduce, creating more lurkers without the need for the rifts.
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Jul 23, 2022 06:53 by Vivianne Morena

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