Reality Rifts

If you see a distortion in the distance, it's best to turn the other way and run. If the air around your personal space is shifting in any way, it's probably too late. Maybe you'll get a useful mutation.
    These visible tears in the material plane are the result of The Great Shattering. They were caused by the sheer amount of energy it took to cause that event. The rifts form a portal between the material realm and various other planes. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to what plane gets connected.    

Pockets of Weird

  There is an affected radius around each rift (size to be determined) that can alter the surroundings physically in numerous ways. They are permanent and scientists are currently researching ways to possibly reverse the effects. Not only do they affect living creatures, inorganic matter can change as well.   Over the years reports of bizarre and unnatural looking creatures leaving the rifts appeared all across the planet. A skilled group formed to sort through the sightings and determine which were genuine. Creatures tagged as "harmless" were secured for study purposes while those who posed a threat were eliminated.    

Distorting the Body

  Anyone who stays within the distortion zone for an extended period will experience changes to their body and develop Distortion Sickness. The time threshold varies depending on the strength of the rift's effects. Some areas are safe for up to 15 minutes while others can take hold in under 5 minutes. There are efforts to create protective clothing that will allow safe travel through these areas for research and creature control purposes.    

Repairing Reality

  In recent years a new unit formed with the goal of closing the rifts permanently. They started with the safest areas to test out methods that may work. Magical methods currently work the best. There have been instances of an opposing force wanting to keep certain tears open for both study purposes and the potential to gain more power.
Extradimensional Rift
Planet Wide
Within a year after the Shattering
Danger Level


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I would love to learn more about the great shattering and the effects of rifts on a person's body

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I love that you can just hover over the great shattering and get a short and simple explanation to what it is. Can't wait to learn more about the effect these rift have on organic and inorganic matter.