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December Post-Session Character Questions

  • What is one title your character has earned that makes them proud?
  • What is one thing your character has seen or done that no one would ever believe?
  • What would a new crew member have to do to earn your character's trust?
  • 1. Obviously it would be the title of "admiral". He's an ambitious guy and this title was earned through hard work and questionable deeds. The last time he held that level of power of a group of people, he ruined it by the brutal methods he took to keep them in line, as well as punish those who weren't loyal. He doesn't intend to waste this second chance by making the same mistakes.   2. Huey, while he has a reputation for laying and slaying monsters, has earned eye rolls whenever he talks of the time he bested a blood hag at her own game. He had fooled her just as she had fooled a countless number of victims. She wanted a child and he wanted sex, so he ran with that. What she hadn't realized was that he was infertile and before that could dawn on her, he was already gone. It's not often that somebody walks away from a hag unscathed, so while it makes for an entertaining fantasy, most find Huey's story to be impossibly ridiculous.   3. They'd have to prove to him that they're worth his attention to begin with. Everybody on board currently is somebody who's earned their place on the ship and he has no patience for anyone who isn't pulling their weight. Everyone has a job to do, but he doesn't want a new member to be passive and bend to his every whim. They need to show skill and personality, and he prefers somebody who can handle playful banter without getting offended.
    1) TT is quite proud of being called an 'admiral,' shes spent years living on ships- rather happily for most of it. She wasnt crazy as being an officer, not wanting more power but the opposite. She doesnt mind duty but dislikes the need to deal with people. As an admiral- and with the board, she only must deal with a select few and has little by way of needing to actually command others.   2) TT suspects one of her old captains was the oracle Calypso. The women- only known as the Madam of the Sea, held wisdom beyond her years, and used strange magic counter to even TT's little understanding at the time. She spoke only in riddle, in her short tenure on the ship they traveled to the orcish isles up north where the woman dismissed the crew, burned the ship, and vanished into the evening.   3) Join the crew, TT is naive, but she thinks that once you swear onto an organization that should be all. In fact, loyalty is all she really asks in a crewmate.
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    1. its not really a earned title but shes proud to be a princess even if it is just because of blood but she was 1 step away from having a kingdom and how many people can say that? honestly right now the titles on the ship dont mean much to her exept captain thats the only one she wants.   2. well one thing people always write off is some of the storys of her dads cruelty for the people that all know her secret she has a case of being dramatic so alot of em just write it off as a bit much   3. well for amelia its rare for her to trust completely honestly you kinda gotta force your trust on her basicly b in a situation where shes at your mercy and help her out instead basicly what tt ock and huey did after all everyone has their own motives and if they benifet from fucking you over why wouldnt they