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Crimson Kings

A street gang in Abrastien mostly operating in and around the city of Rhys. They deal primarily in drug trafficking and for-profite organized crime. Many of their members are initiated as Talumek monks, and given a specialized version of Talumek monk training.


King Head
The current, living leader of the gang. Everybody answers to him. Makes all major decisions regarding business, reputation, and allyship of the gang, has final word in any decisions designated to other members.

Left-hand and Right-hand
King Head's most trusted advisors. Conducts affairs in the King Head's place where they cannot be, and have the power, when in agreement with each other, to veto some decisions of the King Head pending further discussion.

Is responsible for keeping track of the gang's finances. Works with the King Head to determine future financial decisions and how to handle funds.

Always a Talumek Astute (or higher) and an expert in magic, the scepter oversees the training and education of all members of the gang.

Term for gang-trained Talumek Monks

Standard gang members. May do anything from acting as hit men, to drug trafficking, to sex work. If assigned as a "leader" to a certain region of the gang, the title is "Crown-Jewel".

Gang members who are new or are without a current "job" designation.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Kings, CK's
Leader Title
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