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Nikolet Colombo

Nikolet Antoine Colombo King (a.k.a. Niko)

Leader of the Crimson Kings and guardian-figure to Inami and Tonari growing up.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nikolet was born to two human parents, with orcish heritage on his mother's side, in the city of Ithaka. His parents never married, and while he knew both mom and dad, he was raised primarily by his mother. He was his mom's only child, but his father had children with two other women, the latter of which he eventually settled down with- giving Nikolet three younger siblings.

Growing up, he was smart and daring, though many found him to be intense. He didn't get along with kids his own age, but befriended older children who were also considered odd. This led to him joining the Crimson Kings in adolescence, introduced by his friends. He gained a lot of attention due to his outspoken nature, and with his business acumen, cunning, and dedication to the gang and Talumek monk training, he rose through the ranks quickly.

When it was time for the gang's King Head to retire, Nikolet was one of many considered for the title. While the left and right hand selected the potential candidates, it was customary for the King Head to have the final say in his successor, but by this point, Nikolet had long been questioning most of the King Head's decisions. Instead, he proposed a new method to determine the leader: a battle between the potential successors. In a final flex of power, the King Head shot him down, claiming the suggestion to be arrogant. He instead challenged Nikolet to a fight himself, vowing to put the man in his place. When Nikolet not only defeated, but decapitated the now former gang leader, he became the new King Head.

Gender Identity

Cis man, he/him.



Morality & Philosophy

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
Your true family isn't the one you're born into, but the ones who you choose and who chooses you. Protect and take care of them, and they will return the favor.

Know your place.
The world operates on a hierarchy, and while only the strongest truly flourish, everyone can thrive. It's a matter of respect, and knowing your place. Respect your superiors and your leaders, and demand respect from those who are subservient to you.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...or worse.
Those who do you harm deserve to be punished and face the consequences of their actions. Those who betray you ought to feel your wrath tenfold.

With great power comes great responsibility.
A true leader earns his position and his respect. Protect your own, look out for them. One day they could inherit your kingdom. Prepare them, and keep them safe from whatever may threaten them...even when the threat is one of your own.

Give credit where credit is due.
To recognize your own shortcomings is a sign of strength. There is nothing wrong with admitting your flaws or asking for help, provided you acknowledge and repay the help you get.
Date of Birth
The 1st of Flounder Waning
Beady, gray
Short-to-medium length and curly, black with deep, red undertones.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pallid, yellow

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