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Charlotte Cardozo

Charlotte Elise Cardozo (a.k.a. Charl)

The biological mother of Tonari and Inami, they rarely, if ever, speak of her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Charlotte Cardozo grew up an only child. After losing her parents in a devastating pirate raid at a young age, she was eventually taken in, schooled, and employed by gang leader Nikolet Columbo. As she grew older, the two developed a tumultous on-again-off-again romantic relationship. After an affair with a demon, resulting in eventual pregnancy with her twin children, Tonari and Inami, Charlotte tried to cut off Nikolet for good, but her emotional attachment and financial dependence on Niko made it impossible to cut ties entirely.   The years following were wraught with hardship resulting from financial struggles, social isolation, and substance abuse, all of which took its toll on Charlotte's physical and mental well-being. Her unhealthy relationship with her children and manipulation from Nikolet ultimately lead to her demise - she was assassinated by her own son at the behest of the Crimson Kings, in exchange for her daughter's freedom.


Contacts & Relations

  • Nikolet Colombo: Former tutor, boss, and lover.
  • Family Ties

  • Tonari: Son
  • Inami: Daughter
  • Cassia & Elron Cardozo: Parents (Deceased)
  • Species
    Circumstances of Death
    Murder, shot to death
    Long and coily, black, usually dredded
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Dark russet brown
    Aligned Organization
    Appears in...

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