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Skyloften belongs to the griffon riding knights, the Order of Argozi Knights.   It is here, the Argozi train, raise and bond to their griffon steeds, and are buried together, master and steed, there in the catacombs.   Some Argozi retire at Skyloften, especially if they have taken career ending wounds or their bonded griffon has died.   Before The End Of Instant , they had their own courtyard of portals free from the control of any Conductor.   These portals connected Skyloften to their smaller chapter houses scatter throughout the human realms.   Without these portals, the Argozi must rely even more upon their griffons to maintain their unity across the nine human realms. To this end, they have commissioned a cloud galleon to be built by the gnomes. This special ship will someday serve as a launch for a company of griffon riding knights.   The cloud galleon is years and years away from completion but the Argosi are very patient.


  Skyloft was once just a country palace the Argozi acquired from a duke who had a terrible gambling problem. Though it was a beautiful palace, it was hardly as defensible as they wished so they built it into a citadel. Once the citadel was completed, they built the aeries, a place hidden from those who cannot fly, where they train their griffons. Once trained and paired with a knight, a griffon is moved into the Skyloften Sky Stables.

Cover image: Garzio the Tome by Noupload


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12 Jun, 2021 20:08

I love the idea that the knight and griffon are buried together in the catacombs. I guess if one dies before the other, the other joins them when they die? It sounds like a beautiful place.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
12 Jun, 2021 21:12

Thanx. It is a close bond.

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