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When the Hylunvian Elves were driven out of Feyn, a mystical plane of fey creatures, and into the world, they were divided into three traditional castes.   These were the Druidicans, the Ovantecan, and the Bardican.   The high caste, also considered the nobility, were the Druidican.   They were all practitioners of the High Arts, or nature magic.   Their children were the only ones allowed to be trained in the High Arts.   Those children who failed to learn, and more often by harsh politics, were kicked out of the caste.   The middle caste were the Ovantecan.   To them fell the Low Arts of nature.   Those who failed to learn, or more commonly through politics, were cast out.   The lowest class, the Bardican, were, at best, arcane archers and only if they got the chance to learn magic at all.   To them fell the menial works with little regard or appreciation from the other two.
          After the terrible happenings of Broken Blood, a war that broke the Bardicans forever from the rest of the Hyluvians, things became much worse for the Ovantecans.   They began to leave the Druidican and join the Bardican.   Outraged, the Druidican found this to be the deepest betrayal.   Pooling their powers together, they cast a terribly spell that forever changed all the Ovantecans into feline folk so the Bardicans would never accept them.   As the Druidicans had planned, the Bardicans would not accept these changed Ovantecans.   Abandoned by both, the Ovantecans went on to found their own lands.   They also named themselves Gheni and threw off Ovantecan, their last link to their elven origins as their lifespans were tragically reduced to an average of a mere one hundred years..   To this day, the Gheni Kinds tend to despise the Druidicans and resent the Bardicans.   Gheni beyond the Kind Lands tend to accept Bardicans but distrust Druidicans.

Kinds of Gheni


Sourry Kind

    The Sourry live in Telenvaan, a vast plain.   They are the largest of the Kinds, averaging six feet tall and powerfully built.   They are noted for their long mohawkan manes and stripes.   The Sourrey insist an Engi Gheni must have a mohawkan mane and is powerfully built in order to be called Sourrey.   Click Here To Learn More about the Sourrey

Timukua Kind

    The Timukua live in a swamp called The Thrundank.   They are the smallest of the Kinds, averaging four feet tall and swift built.   They are noted for having no head hair though they are not bald because of their spotted fur and lean build.   The Timukua insist that Engi Gheni have no manes, lionesque or mohawkan, and are swift in order to be called Timukua.   Click Here To Learn More About The Timukua

Uzachee Kind

    The Uzachee live in the Emeraldpine Forest.   They average five feet tall and are the most sure-footed of the Kinds.   Uzachee are noted for their lionesque manes and solid colored fur.   The Uzachee insist a Engi Gheni have a lionesque mane and be sure-footed in order to be called Uzachee.   Click Here To Learn More About The Uzachee

Engi Kind

          Gheni who live outside of the Kind Lands tend to live together and blend into a single community.     This has resulted in such a blending of kinds that they simply call themselves Engi Gheni.     The Kinds will welcome Engi Gheni into their lands, though only those who prove themselves will be accepted as full members of that Kind.     This has led to Engi Gheni feeling they fit only among themselves and their communities are very close-knit.     They often take to travelling as trade caravans where they have the freedom to move on should they were out their welcome.     Click Here To Learn More About The Engi

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