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Life in Emeraldpine


Who Are The Uzachee?

      The Uzachee are one of the three formal Kinds of Gheni , a cat-like people who had once been elves but were forcibly changed into what they are now.   The Uzachee live in the Emeraldpine Forest.   They average five feet tall and are the most sure-footed of the Kinds.   Uzachee are noted for their lionesque manes and solid colored fur.

Uzachee and Magic

      At the time of the change, the Uzachee only knew the Low Arts of Nature.   They were often called rangers or warders as they had once been the elves most often patroling their forest homes.   The Uzachee continue to do so in Emeraldpine in a constant defense of their land.   They have discovered there is more magic in the world that what the Druidican had allowed them and many Uzachee have taken to Bard magic.

Uzachee and Travel

The End Of Instant brought an end to instant travel all over the world.   Finding a means of traveling the world without instant travel, has become a challenge for all the peoples and realms.   When the Uzachee are not haulin things about with their goat carts, which are well-suited to moving between the trees, they ride a fierce beast called an Azzuredon.   Each rider must hatch an egg so the beast will imprint on them for life as this is the only sure way to keep their beast will always obey them and not eat them.

Uzachee and Faith

Within a few generations after the change, the Uzachee, with the rest of the Gheni, gravitated towards three gods: Byldur, the god of of music and poetry, Nufthesy, the goddess of practical knowledge, and Kilo the god of conquest. These gods together came to be called the Ghenzhee Pantheon. Of particular interest to the Uzachee is the god Byldur as they believe that the gathering and sharing sharing of these are the spice of life.   Most settlements have a simple church to Byldur. Largers towns have Ghenzhee Temples with the main altar and nave devoted to Byldur where the clerics maintain a library of songs, poetry, and tales they then use to teach the populace. Two smaller chapels, one for Nufthesy and one for Kilo, are also a part of these temples. A third, even smaller, prayer room is provided for visitors of differing faiths. Such places are respected and provide a shelter of the faithful for those who believe.

Uzachee Names

Gheni have been creating their own traditions since their abrupt change.   Since they did not have a language of their own other than Elven, they have taken to building one through names.   It is not a language with sentences but one of unique names with unigue meanings, they embrace it as completely theirs.   All Gheni names are dashed together like this: Given Name-Birth Gender-Mother's Syllable.   Belle, or female, names all have a middle syllable of Bey. Rex, or male, names all have a middle syllable of Ra.
For example, the Gheni pirate called Bane has a proper Gheni name he keeps to himself.   His full name is Penge-Ra-Orr.   Penge means brave. Ra means born male. Orr is a syllable from her given name, Orrahna.   His mother defines his name as meaning Brave-Son-of Orrahna.   The Uzachee do not add anything to the tradition.
Uzachee Warrior

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