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Churmaru Une

The Conflict


Summoners used Dafsir to fight and bind Nymphir, and take the territories they occupied as their own. As Summoners took more and more territories they started to fight each other as well, from Oxdinspic to Studpreox. As they formed pacts and alliances the scale of these conflicts kept rising.


Hundreds of summoners came together to form warbands, supported by their local nobility with support troops and supplies. They led Dafsir armies to conquer neighboring Nymphir territories.


They fought in forests and open fields, on mountain tops and at the bottom of ravines, from coast to coast. The conflict threatened to swallow the entire continent.


All summoner clans banded together to fight a new threat from the east.


Kick started a movement that would one day be the Church of the Great Mother, a major player in international affairs.

Historical Significance


The new relationship with the summoned beings led to knowledge of the great mother and her daughters, and an understanding of the inner workings of the world.

Technological Advancement

Heated battle by many of those with dominion over the Nymphir and Dafsir led to the discovery of elemental infusions and evocation. This granted the ability to strike from a distance.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Year 1130 of the 7th Age
Ending Date
Year 1147 of the 7th Age
Conflict Result
Gillespie led his band to victory over the rest and unified the greatest force of summoners in the world.


  • Renscroprec to Elado


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