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The gods have gone, their wars and their conflicts all but forgotten. Their gift to humanity for their loyalty, the mighty Empire of Belyos, is slowly regaining its footing after centuries of decay and loss. With the discovery of new lands and new opportunities, does a golden age beckon for humanity, or will ancient enmities and a hatred borne of jealousy and lust threaten to break it all?   The gods are real, of that there is no doubt, but do they care enough to prevent their mortal worshippers from falling to one of their own?  

A Reader's Guide

  Welcome, if you are new to the world of Pande, the following articles are designed to bring you up to speed on the setting:


The Story Within

  What happens when five people, seemingly unconnected, find themselves being drawn to a far-off land for reasons unknown? Is it fate? Or the machinations of something darker?