Qakar was a colony of Dutor. Far from being the first colony to attempt to gain independence from Dutor, it was the first to both gain independence and survive longer than Dutor.


The first republic and last of "the first empires." While many smaller nations came and went, Qakar gained independence from Dutor and became an influential nation that rose above their former ruler nation. It is also the only of the first empires that has existed since then. It has gone through countless changes, many of which make it seem like it was many different nations. It's long, continuous history should have given modern Qakars tremendous wisdom, but treachery and disaster have gotten in the way (fires, deceit, lies, erasure, etc.).   -----became an empire during demon golden age. Was unique in that there was a demon who took control and acted in the shadows, using Qakar resources to combat other ambitions demons and keep his throne.
Founding Date
Circa 910,000 OA
Geopolitical, Republic
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Related Ethnicities


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