Many nations constructed small vessels to traverse the waters of Ersia and Cardeia, but they could not compare to the brilliance of the ships constructed by the Dutors.


Dutor was a kingdom that maintained a relatively small governing body. It was divided into 5 regions, each governed by a duke or duchess. They supplied soldiers and supplies to the king. Within the capital citadel was a royal guard, royal advisors, and the royal family.


Because of the natural defenses provided by the Godspine Mountains on its western border, they became master shipwrights. Their ability to pursue naval supremacy led to them being the first empire to span multiple continents. Being the first to reach other continents, they discovered that Pallo was covered with countless peoples and cultures. It fell before all were discovered, but the slow shift towards exploration and diplomacy had a large influence on the global culture shift towards inclusivity and acceptance.

Circa 960,000 OA - Circa 700,000 OA

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Successor Organization


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