Tyr Oman

A term translating to the "Goddess body" used by Farro Trevian and pertaining to the sisters, Lyren and Eolestra, of the Nexus world Rinaven, to convince followers that they are an actual goddess. In addressing them as the "Most Revered", or as Tyr Oman, they are of one body, but can also be referred to as individuals, though typically not within a ceremonial sense.

Propped up in the cult of the Black-Eyed Wanderers as a living goddess, the Tyr Oman or the "Most Revered" are two women, non-identical twins. Both are trapped on the Nexus world, Rinaven. They're the embodiment of life, being the first two organically born, flesh-and-blood beings in existence. Now, however, they're caught in a cycle of constant reincarnation. They've been known throughout history to prey upon other species to elicit aid because they're unable to leave Rinaven, unable to travel throughout the Nexus of Nyn, and thus unable to accomplish the one task they're most driven to do: return the universe to its "natural" state of wholeness.
  Whatever their full truth is, they're also referred to as the Tyr Do'rNan, or "Body of Death", called such by those of their homeworld, Rinaven, because they're associated with certain negative aspects of its history. In what little information has leaked from sources other than the reverent Henosi, it's suggested of Eolestra, that she is the goddess of war made flesh-and-blood as punishment for past crimes against the mortals of her own world. It is also suggested of Lyren that "nothing human can come from her womb".
  It became Farro's belief that the sisters are weakened, not only by their mortal bodies, but also by separation. If he can perfect the alchemy of his blending spells, he believes he can bind the two of them together, along with the fabled "celestial" made by the primordials at the beginning of time. Not only would this free them from the limitations of their physical mortality, but also from the torment set upon them by the Morwynn, a fanatic group trained to hunt, capture, and imprison them throughout time, every time they're reborn.

A Brief History of Tyr Do'rNan

The Morwynn were not always their captors. No... once, we were their slaves. Always, the story begins the same: a babe found in some obscure region, lost and alone. Her memories do not begin to manifest until the mortal age of five. It is written that Lyren always spares the father, while Eolestra spares the mother. The others waste away, consumed by their would-be adopted children.

Eventually each girl asserts her own name and begins to speak in an ancient language, one she must translate for those around her. With the invocation of the remembered names come memories. Memories from a thousand lives before.
  Down through the generations, Morwynn are taught to recognize the signs of their return. It's much easier to capture them as mortal children, for their power grows as they do. Eolestra is a savage warrior, and while Lyren may seem gently disposed, she is also savage, in her own way. She can take a man's desires and turn them against him, consuming him with dreams of grandeur and great victories... if only he would free her and then her sister.
  But we do not. We cannot. For everyone knows that with their reunion comes our ruin. And so we banish them to different sides of the world and hold them within walls steeped in memory, hoping our will can keep their will from influencing the weak-willed and small-minded.

From Burning the Black Feather
  "Sometimes," the meister began. A moment later, he paused from pacing to look up, wanting to be certain he had a captive audience. Then, once assured of it, he continued. "They're born again as twins. Sometimes... they even look the part. Always, however, they'll find each other. Over and over, we see them recorded throughout Rinaven's history. Each time, they invoke the same memories. They invoke the same names.
  Always, however, this recounting of them ends in violence. In destruction. So we're taught to recognize them. It becomes our duty, as Seekers, to learn and practice how to trap them, keep them, and — ultimately — deliver ourselves from the ills of their fate."
  He paused once more, this time to flourish a hand towards the girl crouched in the corner. There, the darkness couldn't conceal her. Not completely. She was possessed of thick black wings — raven's wings — but they had been threaded through with vicious chains and locked together so she could barely lift them, let alone use them. She'd been manacled to the floor by one ankle, as well, and the chain left only long enough, it seemed, to allow her room to cower within that darkened corner.
  She didn't look much like a monster there, cowering in the shadow the way she was. While Meister Mon Roth may have been convinced, I must admit I ... was not.

Allyx Ellenir, Former Seeker of the Morwynn

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