Black-Eyed Wanderers

A cult of people who believe that the every day use of Shimmer, especially Shadow Shard Dust makes them Imbued. Those who can withstand the effects of Shimmer are more likely (susceptible) to hear the "Call of the Most Revered". Over time, however, this practice can also have adverse effects and cause erratic behavior. It takes about 3 months for Shimmer to affect and change the color of one's eyes and hair. The resulting black eyes from Shadow Shimmer use can be rather off-putting to outsiders.

Many followers were forced to have faith because, unlike the Prophet and His Foundation, we couldn't see our Most Revered in windows or our reflections. We didn't hear them. Eventually, however, and with the aid of powerful magics, more and more of His Henosi were delivered from self-doubt and we gave our faith over without question. He was inspiring and always...always... kept his word.
— Phria Amennaten, Sun's Grace of Tyr Oman

  Founded in August, 4209 A.T. by Farro Trevian, the Black-Eyed Wanderers began as a paramilitary organization, but with time grew into a holy order, and eventually became the cult most common folks know to date.
  Farro, then 17 years of age and the third-born son of a king —never to be king himself — pledged his loyalty to Lyren, his love, and the "Lady in the Obsidian Window". He promised to help free her and her twin sister, Eolestra, from the prison of their own world, Rinaven. Because Lyren shared with him the secrets of the universe, Farro grew to believe she and her sister were a goddess trapped in mortal bodies and therefore unable to care for the universe as it had been intended. To those he trusted most, Farro began preaching the oneness of unity, assuring those people they were stronger as one, which he was able to prove again and again as his following began to take root and grow.


  There are three branches of divinity to the Unity: the Foundation, the Graces, and the Pillars. Each rank within the Pillars has three tiers, thus a 3rd Tier Recruit has more seniority over a 1rst Tier Recruit. The Graces are an isolated branch of the Holy Unity, ranked above the Pillars but below the lowest rank of the Foundation.
The Foundation
  • The Prophet
  • The Second Sight
  • Generals
  • Captains
The Graces
  • Specialized rank
  • 9 Graces, all Imbued
  • Served by Adjuncts
The Pillars
  • Adjuncts
  • Knights & Acolytes
  • Kinsmen
  • Recruits

The Foundation

The Prophet
Often addressed only as "Master", the Prophet's identity remains anonymous to the public as well as to the lower ranks of the Order. His is the final word in all matters. When present in any rituals or ceremonies, he is masked or magically disguised. Not only is this intended to keep him safe, but to add to his air of mystery. Ultimately, he's expected to know how to defend himself both physically and magically in the event of an assault. He may also rely on captains of the order to guard him in times of vulnerability.

The Second Sight
The Second Sight is second in command and the Prophet's successor. His is the face of the organization — the one everyone sees until he ascends. Then all memory of him is erased and he becomes forgotten. He becomes Prophet. Until that time, however, he's expected to know how to defend himself, his Prophet, and all those who rank below him. Unless the Prophet intervenes, his word is final in most matters. He's expected to govern his generals and captains, and to judge and punish them for their transgressions, except in the case of deserters, who are to be executed by the highest ranking officer present at the time of capture.

There are a total of 4 Generals at all times within the Order. Like all of the Foundation, their identities are obscured. They serve and command the captains, and spend a lot of time traveling throughout the countryside. Generals are appointed by the Second Sight with the Prophet's blessing, and should anything happen to the Second Sight, one of them will take his place.
Captains are expected to run the show and oversee day-to-day life among the Pillars at their local level. Typically, one captain is assigned to every 250 Henosi. They're given discretion to choose their own ranking officers and clergy from among the Knights and Acolytes, except in cases where one may rise to Adjunct from within their ranks. This decision is made on a Captain's recommendation, but by the Generals and the Second Sight, and only with approval from the Prophet himself. Captains are not anonymous, and are aware of the identities of all those ranked above them. It's their duty to act as liaisons between the lower tiers and their leadership.

The Graces

  There are a total of 9 Graces, each one Imbued and to a corresponding Heartshard. Graces are expected to use their extensive power and skills for the good of the whole. Because they're hand-picked and special, they're expected to be held in high regard and revered as the priests and priestesses they are. They're taught how to refine and distribute Shimmer throughout the Order with carefully crafted rituals and rites.

The Graces, however, are recruited for one secret purpose: to meld them into the ultimate weapon in defense of the Tyr Oman. They must accept this role willingly, and each year, must renew their vows. Almost all of them remain staunch supporters even under the weight of their unknown fate. They've been promised a life of true unity — of immortality — within their Most Revered, and they stand ready to make that sacrifice when the time comes.
The Pillars

The internal workhorses, Adjuncts are tasked with serving the Graces in whatever capacity they desire. They're responsible for taking care of degras. Adjuncts may either be knights or clergy and they are sworn to protect the organization as a whole on a political playing field as propogandists and spies. They are, however, also tasked with assigning assassins from their rank to do whatever is necessary to keep the secrecy as well as the integrity of the whole.
  Knights & Acolytes
Knights and Acolytes are the lion's share of the workforce for the Unity. Knights are, as suggested by the rank and title, the soldiers of the community. Meanwhile, Acolytes are the structural integrity of the community: the bankers, engineers, assassins, propogandists, barristers, and so much more. First Tiers are the newest inductees and often find themselves with the easiest assignments, but those assignments grow ever more challenging with every one they meet and conquer. There aren't many frivolous slackers to be found within the Unity, because once they commit, they're programmed to work towards the good of the whole, and to be inspired to become one with everyone and everything around them. They're taught to embrace a collective conscience and once committed, give up whatever life and customs they had prior to recruitment.
Kinsmen are the simple tradefolk of the Unity. The farmers and fishermen, the miners and smithies. They keep the animals, tend the flocks and the fields, wash the clothes, darn the socks, and all the minutiae of day-to-day living, and always with an eye towards the welfare of their own community. They are expected to help those in need, and expected to do as they're told by those ranking higher than them. Kinsmen are allowed to adorn themselves with shadow or temporal shards, black feathers (only from vultures or ravens and crows). They may not recruit, but can offer referrals. It's from their ranks that those proving aptitude, either for military or higher education, are chosen and sponsored to become engineers, architects, professors, and more.
Recruits are the only graded rank within ranks of the Unity. Recruits are new foundlings, often approached by the highest ranking Recruits, who've earned the right to be called "Pledges". Second tier recruits are considered "Applicants" once they've decided to enter the formal recruitment process. All the work they're expected to do at this level of engagement is to find and help other would-be members. Because recruits are well-tended before they're Applicants or even think to become Pledges, low quality hopefuls are often weeded out swiftly and dismissed. These tend to be people who are clearly interested in serving their own agendas and have demonstrated a marked disrespect or disregard for the Unity's ultimate goals.
"From the many, to the One."
Farro Trevian

Founding Date
4209 A.T.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Venerable Order of Holy Unity

  All throughout Orr in little groves and alcoves tucked off and alongside roads, worshippers of the Tyr Oman may find little shrines built just for them. These are usually no more than a few square feet of space, typically in a protected copse or grove. They're well-tended and decorative, but their focus is a dais with a 4 foot tall obelisk in either obsidian, onyx, or dark tourmaline. Except at its entrance, the dais will be surrounded in small temporal and shadow shards.
  Obelisks are intended for prayer for communing with the Most Revered, but it's also suggested (or rumored) they're used for long-distance communications. No one is certain precisely how this is achieved, though many professionals suggest that "Mage Whispering" or "Shadow Speak" are implemented and utilized here.


There are phases to the rise of ranks within the Order. Each of these phases comes with a set of tasks, known as "Tours" to help the individual with their transition:

  Phase 1 — This is known as the "Courtship" phase. It's called such because there are no strings attached. Recruiters are sent to cities and towns to meet with people in need. These are 3rd tier Recruits or 1rst tier Kinsmen, who have already been introduced to the ritual uses of Shimmer. They're also the reason the Order has gotten the name of "Black-Eyed Wanderers".
  Phase 2 — Known as the "Honeymoon" phase. An individual has gotten a taste of the security and promises from his or her Pledged and has been invited into the fold. They are cared for and provided for, still with no strings attached, but they are given the opportunity to delve deeper into the organization to decide whether it will fit their needs or if they have anything of value to offer.
  Phase 3 — Described as the "Brittle Contract" phase. Here's where the individual collectively decides, along with his or her captain, where and how they are best suited for the organization. By now they've been introduced to the uses of Shimmer as well as the idea that there will be a point where they cannot just leave.
  Phase 4 — The "Chosen". At this point, the leadership, specifically one's recruiter and captain sit down with the applicant and invite them into the fold. It's here where the laws are spelled out, future assignments and aspirations are discussed. Punishments for desertion are laid out and explained. They're introduced to their Prophet, and also given a chance to commune with the Most Revered. While applicants are not expected to forsake their family or friends, they're expected to slough all other customs outside the Order. It's at this point, that if the leadership feels the applicant won't be a good fit, they are dismissed from the fold.
  Phase 5 — The "Point of No Return". This is the moment when the applicant must choose and it's their last chance to opt out. The process to this point has been long — weeks of careful consideration. They know what they're buying into. The ritual for this phase is done in supplication, a pleading and a vow, and at last, the applicant becomes One with the Holy Unity and can now bear the title of "Henosi".

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