Stark was a minor Terran world first colonized in the 21st century  


Located on the north-eastern edge of Terran space, Stark orbits the Ross 338 star, a mid-stage red giant. Stark is the fourth planet in the system, a small, desolate and rocky planet with a thin atmosphere.  


Stark was first scouted along with much of the initial wave of colonies in the 2060s and suggested a poor prospect. However the fledgling Federation military services wanted an outpost on the Vatu border and asked that Stark be developed as a listening post.   Stark was colonized by a small military base and the military families that came with them in 2087 and the initial colony had barely 2,000 people living in it.


Stark is a cold and fairly tricky planet to live on. Its thin atmosphere means that the colony is still domed and that people moving out of the colony have to wear atmospheric breathers though it is possible for a high fitness human to function without the mask.   Stark experiences infrequent but torrential rain-storms during its "monsoon" season. Stark never gets much warmer than 10-15 degrees and sometimes falls to lows of -20 degrees.


As of 2520 Stark is home to 464,000 people.
  • 424,000 humans
  • 40,000 Indirians


Stark was governed during its first hundred years under a military charter but was later granted limited self-rule with an elected governor and colonial legislature.   During the days of The Terran Empire it was the fiefdom of House Gage-Hawkins.   After the fall of the Terran Empire, Stark was part of the Hassall League
by Viktor Hanh

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