Dragonfish Protectorate

The Dragonfish Protectorate was a minor political state formed in the early 26th century.  


The Dragonfish Protectorate was formed after the collapse of the Terran Empire. Its worlds were formed into their own polity, technically an independent state but banned by treaty from forming their own independent foreign policy.  

Member Worlds


The Protectorate was formed after the collapse of the Terran Empire and its member worlds were essentially free to govern themselves.   Due to their being no naval protection from the Karkouri Regime, these worlds were subject to a number of pirate raids which caused a huge amount of damage, crippling the colony world of Jasper.   The Dragonfish Protectorate was ceded to the Gannid Commonwealth in 2519 as part of their treaty with the Karkouri Regime   After an agreement was signed between the The Terran Republic and the The Antares Federation with the Gannid Commonwealth, the Dragonfish worlds were handed back over to the Terrans, pending referenda on the planets to decide their futures.

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