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Life has returned to a scarred land. Remnants of past calamities, the old world, the Alliges Dominion, and the chaos are fading back into the land and being replaced by new plants and races. Civilizations are rising across the globe, each with their own take on magic and wealth. In some cases peace reigns and the new races coexist. In others, tyranny ensues. In the end, it is the balance of the two that reigns.

Now, life goes on, carefully treading the balance between good and evil, dominance and freedom, life and death. Nations rise, nations fall; the cycle continues. As evil begins to thrive, the world darkens: the world needs heroes. Are you up to the task?

Little is known of the ancients. Occasional ruins and epic ballads form nearly all of the evidence. All of them agree that they were a civilization of great power and exquisite beauty. Their ruins contain artefact of fine craftsmanship and technology beyond the comprehension of most. What led to their great war has been lost in time as they themselves were. Their struggles tore Orlos apart, restructuring the landscape and threatening the life of everything. As the chaos descended the lesser peoples were rescued by Orlo and carried to safety.
by Ani Adigyozalyan

“And from the chaos descended that figure of white and gold. And he saved all the peoples, or so it is told.”

by Leonardo Yip
The chaos raged across Orlos for hundreds of years, warping everything it touched. The ancients were destroyed or warped beyond recognition. The lesser peoples were carried to safety through it all, held protectively in Orlo’s City of Quartz.
As the chaos retreated and the lands became habitable once more the peoples disembarked from the city onto the continent of Alliges.

The Alliges was the first empire to arise. Giants, formed in the depths of the chaos, arose and subdued the lesser races. The lesser races were used as cattle and slaves. Occasional groups managed to escape their overlords, leading to the populating of other continents. Finally, with the eruption of Zarcolith The Alliges Dominion fell to the flight of dragons.
by Illse Orsel

  The spread of the races from Alliges allowed civilization to reach other continents where other races formed in the chaos were slowly developing. Together these races either built the world or struggled for dominance.

Now there is balance. This is Orlos.

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