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Wind Rider Gnomes

The far flying and high sailing gnomes of the Gnomish Trade Confederation, the Wind Riders often shorten to simply "Riders" for short by other gnomes and simply called gnomes by other races. They are similar to their ground dwelling Brothers and Sisters in that they are short in stature and soft in complexion, as well as soft spoken. These Gnomes however being soft spoken are out exploring and looking for nothing but adventure, and maybe a lovely large profit margin but mostly adventure! So, this has made them the most common gnomes to spot out in the wider world. For these small adventurist folk the world is wide and big but they want to clamber up every mountain, roam every plain and cross every torturous sea.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Tallen, Corgin, Farin,

Family names

Windsire, Tinysprickles, Grip, Dapple, Superminor,


Shared customary codes and values

Wind Riders are the only Gnomes who seem to like hugging vary much. They do not shake so much as draw them to their stinum and then pat each other on the back. However

Common Etiquette rules

Wind Riders are the only Gnomes who seem to like hugging vary much. They do not shake so much as draw them to their stinum and then pat each other on the back. However

Common Dress code

Preferring to dress in bright colors and puffy clothing, for no apparent reason other then looking

Dapper as all heck my Human friend.
  Both males and females of the Riders dress in Puffy or puffed up clothes that are colored brightly.

Art & Architecture

There is no greater form of Art as an Epic, the tale can sing across time and ages like water from the sky. Each stanza preforming the roll of a crackling thunder or the gentle singing of a new born flowers after a great fire.
  The grand story and song is what matters to the Riders, that their tales are remembered. They do not preform any lasting deeds that will shape the world. Lacking grand druids who shape and protect forests, or Mages who reconstruct the vary laws that the world is based on or Craftsmen artifacts and Machines that stand the sands of time. They feel that their songs and tales will one day be cast adrift into the swirling nothingness of the void of forgotten history.


Beauty Ideals

The Wind Riders see themselves as the dashing sailors of the Gnomish Race. They love seeing their fellows in Garnished colors that only a rainbow could rival. They Prefer puffy clothes and bright colors, however they would like to match with the rest of their mates and would feel embarrassed if one of their fellows is wearing a color that is clashing with their own. Laughing at those who think that a pale face is a sign of purity and beauty most Wind Riders prefer a more caramel skinned lads and ladies, as it show they have been outside and seen the wonders and horrors of the world.

Gender Ideals

As with most of Gnomish society it does not cross a gnome's mind if their fellows is a male or female unless they're looking for a partner and have a preference. Gnomes do not force any gendered roles on either sex as with most of their things either gender can preform the task as easy as any other gnome.

Courtship Ideals

Like other gnomes the two Riders will go to the heads of each other's family, or as close as they can in the case of an orphaned gnome. They will inquire on the preferences of the gnome in question and then sit down in their room and contemplate these things for a long time. Then like a spring released under pressure the gnome will start to make some sort of craft for the other gnome. It can take any shape, size or monetary worth! It can be a book or written story, a clockwork device or a new breed of flower or mouse. So long as the Gnome puts in the effort to create the item then presents the other gnome with the object it is then up to the other gnome to the respond in kind or turn down the object. This is to show initiative and shows that the gnome put thought, time, energy and a bit of their own wealth into the gift.

Relationship Ideals

Riders don't look for partners out of a want to make more little walking cone people, they form relationships and make partners out of a need for companionship or to deepen a bond that the two already share. So they don't often have their own little cone-gnomes till they are getting close to middle age for most gnomes. Mech and Outlander gnomes have children far earlier then this usually with in a few years of the pair be coming a couple, however the Riders first form the bond and thus they have less children but the relationships are far more stable at the point when children start to come into the picture for the pair. In Wind Rider culture it is about the bond and the companionship not the need to pop out a few cone's with legs.

Major organizations

Gnomish Trade Confederation, The Haran Empire,

Related Organizations

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