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20th of Novar 350 year of Dragon Fall

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The death bed of a goddess of life, Orchard is in chaos. A continent embroiled in a civil war that is tearing an empire that has stood the sands of two thousand years. The orcs move north as they lick wounds and watch from a far as the empire that has bested and pushed them back time and again descends into anarchy. To the Far West come whispers of Dragons, serpents that grow big enough swallow ships, Monsters that stalk the shores and forests at night. From the isles south of the continent come tales of new land and foreign bounty unseen but in the heartland of the empire.   In the Empire the Gnomish Free Guilds and Dwarven Republic of Queen's Gate enter to a race to supply each side with their works of steel and enchantment. The Elves and Humans squabble over the ashes of their shared blood and History, one holding the power and reigns of the Empire, the other descending into a guerrilla style conquest to regain control. The Tribes of Beasts are split into the conflict, their constant need to seek a place in the world causing them to side with factions that once hated them. All the while the deep forests stir and shift in uneasy as the ground is nourished by tides of mortal blood.