I've never seen a city this big, I mean, I visited the other capitals and while everyone of them surprises with other luxuries, Levivet can surprise solely by size. Not only by the size of the city, but also by food portion, while i visited I gained 6 kg!
  Levivet is one of the five big human capital cities and by that, it is the biggest of them. Levivet is located in the eastern plains of orcerta where there is plenty of areas to cultivate. Founded shortly after the great war it has been the main source of food through orcerta, its crops are the finest and it is widely regarded as the city of food.   It was founded on the principles of necromancy and nature which means both body and soul are accounted for in the city. The best psychologists come from Levivet as well as the greatest farmers and cooks.   Most people only notice the nature aspect of the city because it is the most prominent, the necromancy site however shouldn't be neglected. The best Asylums and clinics for mental illnesses are located in levivet.


The demographic is strongly, but almost evenly mixed, everyone enjoys a stay in Levivet after all.


Levivet is guarded by high walls, it has no offensive measures to defend against attackers tho.


Levivet is the city of food and as such exports tons of food every month. It is regarded to be the best spot to start learning the cuisine of orcerta and become one of the best cooks in the world.


Levivet is roughly split into two parts, the nature side, which encompasses all farming land and the necromancy side which mostly holds libraries, meditation areas and the likes.
Alternative Name(s)
City of food - City of soul


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