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The Faithful Dominion

A once great military organisation that protected the kings and queens of the Elder Isle. The Faithful Dominion started as a United group of brigands and mercenaries that over time, trained into a well rounded militia which then evolved into a powerful military organization.   Sir Fran├žois Gauliere was believed to be the first grand master of their order. He was elected approximately 800 years ago.   Around 500 years ago, a surge of clerics and paladins joined the order implementing their magic into their battle strategies. As a result of this, they served as both protectors of the monarch as well as defenders against supernatural forces from other planes.   Their order was disbanded in Auldsod after the war as according to legislators, there was no longer a monarchy to defend in the country.   Its members remained in the country however and lived out their lives in peace. They continued training new members despite their civilian status. It is rumored that if called upon, they could be the Largest standing army in Auldsod.   It's current grand master is Lady Rosalind McGregor.


1 Grand Master serves as the leader and councilor of the group with 3 Admirals serving under them as the leader ship.   The rest of the members are knights and knight errants of the order.

Public Agenda

To serve and protect the King and royal family. And to defend the realm from otherworldly threats.


Their full membership is not known but thought to have a force of nearly 10,000 knights with access to vehicles and weaponry.


The the organization was deemed unnecessary after the results of the Civil War left the country leaderless. The remaining nights stayed in the country however, refusing to leave the country that became home for them. They remained and lived in peace and training new recruits in order to keep the future of the order alive.

Lucem Ad Tenebras

800 years before the current campaign - ~50 years before the current campaign

Military Order
Alternative Names
The Old Faithful
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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