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Vel Manocleth, the Reformer

The grandfather of Vel Grao Truthfinder and the former patriarch of the Vel Clan, Vel Manocleth was an Archdemon Senator under the reign of Emperor Phototh (from 403 to 456). He is the author of the First Velian Reforms who aimed to integrate other races into the Demon Empire following their fruitful Conquest , He worked hard to afford meager liberties to the enslaved realm the Demon Empire conquered.   Despite his past as an Armuth of the Empire, Manocleth was far better known for his battles of wits than those of swords. A philosopher who could sway a crowd, educating them as he spoke. His lessons on self-improvement and the pursuit of happiness resonated with Old World lessons that the Demons had begun to forget. He opened universities in some City-State under his clan's name.

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