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The Mirellion

"You sit on sacred ground. Be silent, observe, and care not to litter lest you be flogged for the offense." A formal warning when the play is about to start in the Mirellion
  Of the many amphitheaters where Demons can watch a play, the Mirellion that is nested in the Demon Empire's Capital is the most distinguished by far. Placed near the center of The Ebony City, at the foot of the hill leading to The Ebony Castle is a ginormous half-circle of beautiful stones. On it, a type of magic different from those employed in battle take place.   The greatest performances of Imperial satires, epics, comedies and tragedies have been played on its scene. From its humble beginnings as a mere stone circle woven from nostalgy of Old World theater, this old and mighty landmark exported the very core of theatre play throughout the Verdant Steppes. With every year, it grew in scale, came better equipped, and drew in more spectators. It could be said that this is where theatres became an obligatory feature of the urban landscape in all Demon city-states.

Purpose / Function

This theatre employs live actors or actresses, as well as props, a choir and dancers, to perform events (real, embellished or imagined) before a large audience. More specfically, the Mirhellion's purpose is to share ideas with the spectators, to inform them of past events. Other types of plays are also performed, but only if they proved popular elsewhere.


This great amphitheater has evolved greatly over the decades. There was no proper seating until about 64 of the Imperial Calendar, when Tal Shoth's walls had proven effective enough to make the City-State a peaceful settlement.   Every twenty years or so saw an addition to the open air architecture. First was the scene, then the seatings, then the choir's side, then the dancer's alleys...   Multiple stone pillars were added in 206 by a wealthy Demon who wanted to improve the atmosphere, and the theater kept on improving since.   Nowadays, not a stone remains but those in the foundation of the scene and far under the spectators' seats. Everything has been covered in black stones, golden bangs and impecabble wooden Bench estracted from the dreaded Carsil Forest. As luxurous as those alterations seem, the Mirhellion remains open to all visitors. The reserved seats are not so open of course.
Alternative Names
The Heart of the Play

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