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Princess La'ouna Ma'Fissa Douhoura

"Catch me if you can!"
  A young Lega child. Laou'na is the second daughter of Rat King of the Feral Isles. The locals know her as an overactive piece of work with no interest in staying put. Happy and curious, friendly towards everything even thorny bushes. There is nothing the little minx can't love. She is still learning the ropes of surviving in a world peopled with terrible monsters and violent races.   Her company is invasive at times and many efforts are made to occupy her tireless mind. She chases little critters around to play, she joins mock battles with other younglings, and she makes a habit of walking bare-feet near beaches and rivers. She is presently studying fishing with her uncle near the Lega semi-capital, Tabano. However, dark shapes have appeared on the water.
Current Location
Year of Birth
550 AS 7 Years old
Yellow-green cat eyes, wide and protuding.
Neck-long hair braided in a large bun behind her head.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey and brown.
0.86 m
22 kg

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