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Fleshbind Crystal

"For such an altruistic purpose, their functionning involves so many impossibilities. You could interpret it as the whim of superior minds solving hard problems with solutions by far harder to comprehend."
An Enthusiast talking about Fleshbind crystals
  A beige form of Mana crystalisation that is tied to bodily manipulation. Allows the remote use of limbs while preventing their decay and can therefore be used to give amputees the use of their severed limbs back. Paralyzed nobles or warriors of renown use them to recover the mastery of their dismenbered parts, but it is possible for dedicated artists to porpusefully cut off their arms and legs and use these crystals to increase their range of movement.

Fleshbind type gems are rare, their full purposes and uses have yet to be perfectly explored. First found in the moutains of the Gurdy Range, it is rarely observed outside a radius around them. Few of these went so far as to reach the Demon Empire to be of use to their precious Generals. Thankfully, like with other crystals, Fleshbind types are nigh-indestructible and once their user has died, a new bearer can exploit them in turn.

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