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Giant scorpions living under the sands of the great Ladesh Desert, some growing to a man's height. A quiet creature able to quickly burrow into the sands with a mixture of magic and its inate bodily attributes, to then surge and consume unsuspecting preys. Revered by the Arbekan and Mazdanite cultures as a mighty and enduring fiend.

Basic Information


Aitliqarabs have eight limbs, a flat figure, and a thick tail. They are defined by their overall size and the intricacies of their two front pincers, effective weapons of hard chitin which they use with great efficiency to dig, cut, and pin down as needed. Their exosequeletons' colors vary according to their maturity. They tend towards darks colors as the solidified exosqueleton's composition rarely difers between specimens.

Ecology and Habitats

Those gorger scorpions are solitary and nomadic. They wander around the deserts sands and the burning rock formations freely, not bothered by the presence of fellow arachnids or other fiends. Despite how adapted they are to the dry and hot climates they have been known to encroach on other biomes on occasions but are usually put down by the fiends there thanks. Sandy beaches are nonetheless another perfect environment for them, perhaps more so than the lands they originate from. In conclusion, they may be considered an invasive species if the conditions are right.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous, it can sustain itself on cacti or small animals depending on their availability. But its preferred meals are the largest preys such as Ahuran settlers or their mounts.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Able to choose proper grounds and lay in ambush, it recognizes preys it cannot see through unknown means and is smart enough to pick its timing the target depending on the presences' position and numbers. However, like other insect fiends, it lacks any long term planning capabilities or any sign of a rational thought beyond the bare necessities of its predatory life.
60 years
Average Height
1.4 m
Average Weight
22 kg
Average Length
2.4 m

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