Bureau of Contaminated Land Management and Reclamation

The Bureau of Contaminated Land Management and Reclamation (BCLMR) is a division of the United North American States government under the Department of the Interior. BCLMR specializes in maintaining nuclear Exclusion Zones and other contaminated areas in North America.   The BCLMR defines the boundaries of each Exclusion Zone, taking periodic radiation samples from the air, water, and soil to determine if any changes need to be made to an Exclusion Zone's perimeter. Ever since the Reclamation Act of 2174, the Bureau was given the responsibility of establishing a law enforcement and security agency to keep trespassers out of the Exclusion Zones, known colloquially as the Zone Patrol. The Reclamation Act also dictates how and when the Bureau hands over reclaimed acreage from Federal control back to the states.   The BCLMR works with many other agencies and organizations. The Bureau takes on the responsibility of reclaiming contaminated land by supervising and authorizing privately contracted land reclamation companies. For Zones with active contamination sources (E.g. a melted down Nuclear Power Plant) the Bureau will work with other relevant agencies to contain the source. Perhaps the most notable partnership is between the BCLMR and the North American Highway Safety Administration to construct the Exclusion Zone Bypass Tunnels.
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