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Teva,is the red moon that wobbles over the skies of the Anvil.

Teva is a very small moon that orbits extremely close to the plain of Anvil. Commonly having one of the two suns in its page, during the day, Teva appears like a dark spherical shadow that travels above the plain, when the suns dusk, Teva dips in and out of the horizon as a vibrant green-blue pot marked translucent marble.

On a clear night the forests of vibrant flora are visible if you are particulary close to the edge of the plain, Teva is close to.

Teva is rising and dipping under the plain 16 times during the duration of a day, and concludes a full circle around the plain every 10 days marking the 10-day weeks that are observed by most in Anvil.

The Forests of Teva

Teva is a living world of floating forests of translucent flora. The moon is locked to always face the realm on the "realm-facing" side, so nobody knows what inhabits its dark side. Observants from the surface of Anvil often say they can see gargantuan dragons flying in between the floating trees of Teva.


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