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The town of Stagfall is situated at the northern most edge of Lake Tuskwater, having the river delta of Shrike River to its west walls and guarding the mouth of the river Shrike to its east.


Founded in the 11th of Pharast 4710, Stagfall is the seat of Queen Pria Tesju and the High Council of the Kingdom of the Restored Lands within the walls of Tuskwater Castle.


The fledgeling settlement of hardly more than thirteen hundred people has hardly any permanent buildings of industry, since its previous occupier, the monstrous Stag Lord had no interest of providing his people with anything more than iron shackles and prison cells. Since its liberation by the Greenbelt Exploration Party, Stagfall almost tripled in size and the whoel of the settlement is buzzing with activity as the inabitants are trying to build a new life for themselves and refugees are coming in almost every week as they try to escape the dangers of the Found Lands.


Lack of Planning

As the town grows in an unprecedented rate houses, gardens, pigstys and all shorts of temporary and semi-permanent buildings seem to pop everywhere, creating a chaotic situation of winding streets in some cases to small for a cart to cross.

Without any water management planning, the townspeople are taking their fresh drinking water by the bank of river shrike which is also where some of them empty their chamber pots creating quite a dangerous health hazzard.

Taxation Rate
Feudal Obligations Production
2100 Anvils / day
Market Value
Special Properties
Kingdom Capital,River, Lake,
Tuskwater Castle
Granary, Storeroom, Workshop, Smithy, Carpenter, Chapel, Port, Lighthouse, Mage Tower
Founding Date
11 Pharast 4710
Location under
Included Locations
Additional Rulers/Owners
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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