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In the realm of occult practices, few transformations are as enigmatic and terrifying as the process of becoming an undead lich. Legends speak of powerful sorcerers and dark magicians who, in their relentless pursuit of immortality and arcane knowledge, take the forbidden path to transcendence. This transformation into a lich grants them unparalleled power and eternal life, but it comes at a hefty price, with both positive and negative effects that shape their existence forever.

The Path to Lichdom: Becoming Undead

The process of becoming a lich is shrouded in dark rituals and necromantic spells. To embark on this path, one must be an accomplished practitioner of dark magic and possess an insatiable thirst for immortality and forbidden knowledge. The steps to lichdom are grueling and demand immense dedication:

Mastery of Dark Arts

A prospective lich must attain mastery over necromancy and other dark arts. This includes delving into forbidden tomes, studying sinister rituals, and understanding the intricacies of manipulating life force.

Creation of a Phylactery

The heart of the transformation lies in the creation of a phylactery—a vessel that houses the lich's soul. This device is usually an ornate and well-protected object, often encrusted with gems or other precious materials.

The Final Ritual

The prospective lich undergoes a ritual that transfers their soul into the prepared phylactery. This process binds their life essence to the object, separating it from their mortal shell.

The Effects of Lichdom: Unparalleled Power and Eternity

Upon completing the dark transformation, a lich gains access to an array of extraordinary abilities:


Liches are granted an immortal existence as their life force is detached from their physical form. Death in the traditional sense becomes a distant memory.

Arcane Mastery

With centuries to study and practice, liches attain unparalleled expertise in magic. Their power grows exponentially, allowing them to wield formidable spells and command the forces of necromancy.

Undying Resilience

Physical harm affects a lich little, as they are now ethereal beings bound to their phylactery. However, their vulnerability lies in the safety of this object.

The Dark Toll: Negative Effects of Lichdom

The transformation into an undead lich extracts a heavy price, as darkness taints even the most potent of powers:

Soul Imprisonment

While liches achieve immortality, they become slaves to their phylactery. Should this object be destroyed or stolen, the lich's soul would be forever trapped, leaving them in a state of eternal torment.  

Loss of Humanity

The process of lichdom strips away the remnants of the lich's mortal existence. They become detached from emotions and empathy, driven solely by their pursuit of power and knowledge.

Isolation and Fear

Liches must hide their true nature from the world, as their presence instills fear and revulsion in both mortals and other practitioners of magic. The loneliness of eternity can lead to madness and despair.  

Eternal Rivalries

Liches are not the only beings who seek immortality and power. They might find themselves entangled in conflicts with other dark entities, creating eternal rivalries and power struggles.

Becoming an undead lich is a perilous and harrowing journey that grants unparalleled power and immortality, but at a terrible cost. The lure of eternal life and forbidden knowledge drives some to undertake this dark transformation. However, the negative effects of lichdom ensure that the path of an undead lich is one fraught with darkness, isolation, and eternal uncertainty. Those who dare to walk this path must be prepared to embrace the consequences and bear the weight of their choice for all eternity.



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Aug 1, 2023 19:51 by Drake Ragon

In the realm of occult practices > dayum already got me :D Occult stuff is the stuff everyone wants to do but cant or will not due to pesky social guidelines - buh!   <3 phylactery   Somehow while reading this my inner voice sounded like a person from Africa, who migrated to Germany lived there a while and now lives in London. A thick English accent which did not loose the African roots of hart clicking pronunciation and yet had some German influences in "Lich" which sounded like a English person axing the German word Licht. Which is not correct - but my inner persons never are :]   Anyway I might have quickly fleshed out more lore in my head about the writer of these lines than you might ever be willing to - But that is a compliment in it self. Sparking imagination and creative juices is the core of reading stuff on WA anyway.   Did expect nothing less from the "Godfather" of the Anvil. Which in itself would be a nice world. Imagine Dimitris the giant hammering away on the anvil, until the stoic lump of "code" has all the bits and bops to be integrated in the giant machine that is "World-Anvil". Every "block of code" another tiny cog. Dammit I somehow want that in writing now :/   Also - love how the background prepared my subconsciously for the map - nearly perfectly matched color pallet.   Addition: HOLD on, the world actually has something called "anvil"? So my "brain-gaseous-stinky-cloud" might actually be real - POG

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