Tatiana Swiftforge

I've been tinkering since I could hold a screwdriver. You can count on me to fix just about anything!
— Tatiana
    Tatiana is a mechanic who works on a luxury airship. She is inquisitive and loves learning about how things function. Over time she grew to be one of the best in her field.    

Physical Appearance

  Tatiana is 5'3" tall with an average build. She has tan skin covered in the occasional oil smudge. Her hair is dark brown and straight. It is kept short in an undercut style. She has hazel colored eyes and wears rectangular glasses.   There are burn scars across both forearms from when she shielded her face after an experiment went wrong. Her hands are covered in other various scars, all at different levels of fading. Tatiana has a series of silver gears tattooed on her back.    


  It's rare for someone to dislike Tatiana. She has a warm energy and bright smile that brings joy to many people. There are few tasks she'll refuse to do; Tatiana feels purpose from helping others. Whenever something breaks she's the first to take charge and put in an effort to fix it.  


  • Tinkering with machines
  • Collecting gemstones
  • Chocolate cake
  • Crafting models
  • Dislikes

  • Waking up early
  • Storms
  • Scrap going to waste
  • Insects

    Early Life

      Tatiana doesn't remember her birth parents. They passed in a house fire when she was only three years old. A male and female dwarven couple adopted her a year later. They ran a repair service together and taught her everything she knows. It wasn't forced. She naturally took a liking to learning about machines and electronics.   Her first success was fixing an old radio that could only pick up one station. She found it in the attic and spent a week taking it apart and inspecting everything. After she got it to work, Tatiana showed her parents with a wide grin. Their praise and guidance helped her continue learning the trade.
    Cis Female
    She / Her
    Head mechanic on the Flying Palace

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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