Snoodle Traps

Those wiggly water noodles are too slippery to catch by hand. Our claws and teeth have a hard time. So we developed sneaky traps to catch our food easier.
    The kobold communities who use noodle snoodles for food initially struggled to catch them with ease. They didn't want to give up on an abundant food source. Over time various traps were created to quicken the process.    

Humble Beginnings

  The first tools tested were simple fishing spears and nets. They worked for a time, but were still clunky and inefficient depending on the environment. Spears required high accuracy to deal with the snoodle's small size and quick movement. Nets worked best in rivers during times of high movement. Snoodles also hide a lot which always made things that more difficult.    

Better Traps

  Over time a better method was developed. Kobold engineers gathered together and created a trap that all dens could use. They created a one way trap that could be set and left alone. It allows eels into the contraption, but they can't escape.   They are clear boxes with sturdy handles for easy maneuvering. To bait them, a mix of fish chum and shiny rocks are used. The latter are typically only added during active mating seasons. Kobold's make efforts to release any undersized eels along with females if there are too many in a catch.
Fish Traps
Southern Islands
Year Developed
Depends on trap version
Used By
Handmade based on needs

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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