Alzora's Crown

Named after the first head of the Spring Court, this wooden crown is a sign of high standing. It sits atop the court leader's head and is passed onto the next one whenever change overs happen. Scholars are uncertain of the exact year it was created, but many believe Alzora herself comissioned the piece after discovering the beautiful wood used to create it.    

Physical Description

  Alzora's crown is constructed primarily from fae touched wood and has silver accents. The band is a full circle that is 1.5 in / 3.81 cm tall and .5 in / 1.27 cm thick. Two fake antlers carved from the wood make up the rest of the crown's height; one is located above where each ear of the wearer would be in relation to the band. Thin silver caps cover .5 in / 1.27 cm of each tip on both antlers.   The wood is a swirl of bright rainbow colors. Embedded throughout the whole material is a fine, glittery shimmer that sparkles in the sun. A faint smell of honey wafts from the crown.


The shimmery, rainbow wood lends its natural weather and fire resistance to the crown. A powerful archmage endowed the accessory with extra enchantments.  
Horror overtook me as I watched, frozen in place. Whatever that poor soul did angered the queen enough to use her crown. I've hardly seen it activated in my time serving the court. While staring the person in the eye, she snapped her fingers and with a flash of green light, they turned into solid wood.
— A court assistant describing what happens to those who oppose the Spring Court.



Wood Flesh

  This terrifying ability can be used once per long rest. The user must have the target within a visual range of 50 ft / 15.24 m and with either a finger snap or spoken command word, that individual is petrified and fully transformed into wood if they fail the DC 18 constitution save. The only way to reverse this effect is through greater restoration. This abilty takes an action to perform.

Prismatic Burst

  This magical attack can be used three times per long rest. It has a range of 80 ft / 24.38 m and deals 5D6 points of radiant damage. If the target is hit, they must succeed a DC 14 constitution save. On a fail, the target is also stunned for 4 turns. The affected individual may repeat the save at the start of each turn. This abilty takes an action to perform.

Vine Shield

  This defense boosting ability can be used once per long rest. The wearer can use a bonus action to cover their body in a thick layer of writhing vines. For 1 hour the users AC is increased by 4 points and they gain resistance to all non magical attacks. These vines cannot be burned away or otherwise removed and last the full duration unless dropped by the user. This ability requires concentration.
Magical, Accessory
Year Created
18 inches / 45.72 centimeters
2.5 pounds / 1,113.98 grams
Current Location
Palace of the Spring Court, Bloomlands
Rarity and Price
This item is unique and considered priceless.


    The crown is constructed from high quality Fae Touched Wood, silver, and a magic resistant coating to help preserve the materials for a long time.

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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