Along with Ukrix, this island is certainly not the easiest place to live. I'm surprised it even gets warm in the summertime. As dangerous as it is, I still love the thrill of exploring the mountains and ice caves there.
— A snippet of Birki Kroon's travel blog.
  This frigid land is Omari's northernmost island. Despite the climate, its inhabitants manage to thrive and prosper. Most settlements are located along the coast where the weather tends to be less harsh. A handful of smaller villages are scattered inland and within the main mountain range.    


  Aibonora is cold and snowy for a majority of the year. It does warm up in the late spring and summer, but it's not uncommon for the area to skip the warmer season altogether. Heavy snow storms are most frequent in the second half of the year while sleet and frozen rain pummel the land in the first half. Frostbite and hypothermia are genuine threats, even to those more experienced with traveling in such conditions.    


  This island is a mix of rocky terrain / peaks, cliffs, and stretches of flat planes. The southern region contains the Glass Mountains. Seperated by a deep fissure named the Frostbitten Chasm, the Peaks of Exile lie to the north east. The only other notable features are the Fairberry Forest, Silents Pines, and Opal Lake.
Year Formed
Contributing Deitie(s)
Season Temperature Range (F)
Spring 0 - 35
Summer 45 - 70
Fall 20 - 40
Winter -25 - 10


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