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The Merios-Zumduate was the Governor of the Merios Towns, which were a collection of cities situated along the coast of the Merios Lake. The Merios-Zumduate, a role created in 24981 AYM, served as the chief policeman and city planner. It could control the police force and the passing of laws and declarations. 
The Merios-Zumduate was formed in 24981 AYM by king Ivaegoss of Lotao, due to the influx of immigrants arriving at the cities. This role, like other roles created by Ivaegoss, was politically ambiguous, leaving it up to those that became the role to decide its powers and limitations. Murhane, the first Merios-Zumduate, wrote the Arzaquole-Re-Merios-Zumduate in 24979 AYM, confirming the extent of the Merios-Zumduate's power.
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