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Ivaegoss was the first king of Lotao from 14 Heta-Eimarae, 24981 AYM, to his death in 16 Suta-Eimarae, 24811 AYM. Due to his inexperience as king and the relatively miniscule amount of things achieved during his reign, he is generally considered an ineffective and inadequate ruler; however, many habits and ceremonious duties that Ivaegoss created became standard in Lotaoian kingly tradition, and when Olgliva became the king of the newly-formed Blivon empire, much of these same traditions were translated to that position as well.


Early Life and Relocation

He was born on 11 Heta-Eimarae, 25009 AYM, to Samureo, who raised him as well as his two older brothers, Murhane and Kiulamm, in the Elironid tribe. In 7 Geta-Eimarae, 25000, Samureo and his sons left the Elironid tribe and wandered northwest, settling near the Arbin Mountains, just west of Taihind, before being forced to relocate west across the mountains due to attacks from the Matousai. They finally settled along the coast of the Merios Lake in 19 Wota-Eimarae, 24997 AYM, when Ivaegoss was 12.

Move to Xievre

In 24995 AYM, Murhane turned 16, and Kiulamm followed suit in 24994 AYM. By tradition, both brothers left the company of Samureo in their respective birthdays. They settled in a small cavern southeast of their father. Murhane and Kiulamm performed Eovrisibb several times in this cavern before beginning to build a proper settlement. In 11 Heta-Eimarae, 24993 AYM, Ivaegoss also left and met his brothers, and together they finished building the town, which consisted of 6 small huts, 3 for the brothers and and 3 additional huts for the children. However, in 24988 AYM, Murhane and Kiulamm began feuding, and, despite Ivaegoss's efforts, the brothers ended up dealing widespread damage to the town. Murhane left southbound, taking with him his sons Iunituk and Karutsid, and formed the town of Gauharn. Kiulamm moved north, and with him was his son Gijetor. They moved to Vannae. Ivaegoss, meanwhile, was left alone in the town, which he had named Xievre, Eldrond for wasteland, and with him was Auvarnall, the oldest of the children that Murhane and Kiulamm had made.

Population growth

In the following years, the population had risen dramatically; Xievre had 22, Vannae had 26, and Gauharn, spurred by a massive influx in immigrants, bolstered around 105. From 24985 to 24983 AYM, Ivaegoss went on a large tour around the the surrounding area, surveying Vannae, Gauharn, and other places. Upon reaching Gauharn, he recommended to the crowds to move to the shores around Lake Merios, and towns sprung up all around the lake. Murhane and his sons stayed in Gauharn. The nutrients around the coast being constantly recycled into the lake and back out again gave bountiful harvests for the immigrants, and they began to have more faith in Ivaegoss.



Word quickly spread of the Lake, and more and more immigrants arrived in droves; Ivaegoss and his sons took it upon themselves to direct everyone to the Lake, earning himself more and more popularity with the people. By 24981, the population topped 500, and it became evident that a leader was needed for the tribe. Upon realizing the extent of his popularity, he returned back to Xievre, leaving his son Yuzimeft in charge of welcoming immigrants in. At Xievre, he was coronated in 14 Heta-Eimarae, 24981 AYM, as the first king of Lotao. The meaning of the word Lotao is still unknown.

Tenure as King

Merios Campaign
One of the first major actions Ivaegoss did upon his coronation was the appointment of various family members to various posts; Murhane was put in charge of the farms and communities along the Merios Lake and Kiulamm joined Yuzimeft at Gauharn. In 24976 AYM, he created a police force in the Merios Towns in response to growing crime. This force quickly became corrupt and often enhanced crime, leading to Ivaegoss sending Kiulamm to the Towns in 24971 AYM in order to help his brother deal with the situation; however, this only served to fracture Murhane's movement and lessen its power. In 24968 AYM, Murhane was ambushed and killed, and Ivaegoss arrived at the Merios Towns and carried out a military-style operation, essentially wiping out 85% of the Towns' population. The corrupt police force was wiped out, and that of Murhane's was reinstated, this time under Kiulamm's control. However, Ivaegoss was heavily affected by his brother's death, and never again did he venture into the Merios Towns nor did he talk with his brother ever again.

Treaty of Tayzem

The Treaty of Tayzem was a Treaty between the leaders of the 6 Tribes, and was signed in 24963 AYM in the town of Kanis. Ivaegoss himself traveled to the city, placing his adopted son Auvarnall as the acting king until Ivaegoss came back the following year.


From 24968 to his death in 24811 AYM, Ivaegoss became extremely paranoid, and spent the majority of his time alone in his house in Xievre. This was primarily due to the death of Murhane. During this time period, he never communicated with anyone, nor did he issue any new laws.


King Ivaegoss died on 16 Suta-Eimarae, 24811 AYM, living a total of 198 years. A special masoleum was built for him in Xievre. Auvarnall succeeded him as king.

Family Tree

24981 AYM 24811 AYM 170 years old
Place of Death


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