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Op-Ed Vol 430 - The Refugee Condition prompt

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The Refugee Condition

By Telsa


With the Burn's ongoing decimation of our planets, nations, and homelands, refugees are fast become the largest population and the most feared condition in the Olaxis Galaxy. Overburdened governments all too often adopt the easiest solution to the Refugee Condition - closing borders. Those that don't, simply sequester refugees into overcrowded communal spaces, and then do the minimal necessary to sustain them. Refugees suffering from this unwanted condition face numerous challenges with very few resources available to address them.  


1. Physical and Mental Health
Overcrowding and lack of infrastructure often make refugee camps unhygienic, leading to higher incidences of infectious diseases and epidemics. For example, the recent mutation of the ZFOE prion, has placed Zivoyans living in refugee camps in an extremely precarious position. Those that are most vulnerable, the sick or injured, rely on free health care provided by the Egan Overguild and financed by the local planetary government where they live. Many that wander in space, looking for a government to adopt them, have access to even less.   The anxiety and depression that coincide with the physical pressures do not help the situation. This can lead to increased tension and violence within camps or spaceships and lack of feelings of self-empowerment, making personal conditions even worse.  
2. Financial Stability
"No government wants us," says Mopaw ede Juk, a Nivick from the destroyed planet of Pakadoon, in a refugee ship orbiting Valdi. "My family and I are stranded on this ship. It's been almost a year and I still have no information. My family are skilled merchants and traders. We have a lot to offer, if only given the opportunity." Research has found that if enough aid is provided, refugees can actually provide economic boosts to the host countries' economies. Helping refugees work and be productive is a great way to meet infrastructure demands on a country. However, nationalistic sentiments of many governments and cultural discrimiation limit their opportunities.  
3. Abuse and Exploitation
The Refugee Condition leads many who suffer from it to be abused and exploited. Species trafficking, indentured servitutde, or even the equivalent of slave labor are all common practices seen around refugee camps. There have even been reports of illegal experimentation, organ harvesting, and military drafting.  
5. Safety and Security
Many refugge camps are situated in inhospitable locations. They can be located in areas without access to natural resources, close to war, conflict, or natural predators. This has forced some refugees to form adhoc militias, organizing for their own protection, but often this creates internal conflict as these groups vie for power and control within their camp.  
6. Cultural barriers
Diet, housing, cloting, and basic amenities, when provided, are often insensitive to cultural differences and household needs. Governments of one species are frequently unable to provide appropriate consideration and staples for species that are too differnt from their own. Items are distributed through whatever is available, leading to a disparity of care and treatment within the camps.  
The Refugee Condition does not have to be one that incites fear among Olaxians. Instead, it can be one that presents opportunities, for example, an opportunity for a united Olaxis - like that which was seen after The Treaty of Bycek that established the Olaxis Council of Planets. Governments can come together, share resources, adopt refugees, increase exploration and research such that the effects of the Burn are mitigated, and perhaps even a solution found. If this doesn't happen, I predict an even greater internal threat facing Olaxians will be upon us. One that could wipe us out even quicker and with more certainty than that represented by the Burn.
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