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Zivoy Forced Obligate Endosymbiosis

Z-Foe for short.


Created by The Daylight as revenge against Zivoys when their planetary defenses prevented a recruitment operation on the Zivoy's home planet of Murtath.  


The plague is caused by prions. It causes Zivoyans to genetically merge with any corpse that they are inhabiting. As this genetic merging progresses, it becomes a permanent merge. Since the corpse is still a corpse, their flesh continues to rot, causing painful death.  


The Daylight mutated a large creature that produced larvae that shed these prions into the water system of Murtath. Drinking the water caused the Zivoyans to absorb the prions.  


The group aboard Turtle 86 stopped the plague and found a vaccination that helps in all but the most severe cases.  


The prions mutated and became transmissible via contact. It has now spread throughout the galaxy.


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