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The occasional town or city mage, or tower-dwelling sorcerer, or mysterious enchantress are known to perform sorcery. Compared to hedge-witchery, which are small and common mystical practises, sorcery is of a grander and more mysterious scale. These mages are often regarded with awe and sometimes avoided out of fear.

Mystical abilities

Sorcery includes both the acts of activation of dormant magic and transfer of magic from one object to another. Transfer of magic, also known as enchanting, is a dangerous manipulation of magic, for if the magic passes through the mage, it can cause severe damage and even death. An enchanter or enchantress can often be recognized by a channeler they carry on them to transfer magic through and prevent death.
Sorcery always results in the formation of a mystical artefact, which abilities can range from protection to destruction. Spells and artefacts used to be simpler many centuries ago. Mundane objects such as an armlet that protects the wearer against the cold of the north or a wooden goblet which cleanses the drink it holds from disease, were created when science and technology were lacking behind. With the development of more complex technology over centuries of time, sorcery also became more complex. Giant artefacts that took decades to make for the protection of an entire town against the imminent eruption of a volcano, complex artefacts with a twin for long distance communication, and small trinkets to spy upon your enemy. Anything seems possible this day and age.


Youth with a knack for mysticism can seek out, or be found by sorcerers and enchanters to be taught in the craft of sorcery. Today, finding a mage is not extremely difficult, for their address can often be found in a city directory, and if asked most residents of a place know where the mysterious individual lives. Many mages are willing to take on an apprentice, especially during their old age, because sending a youngster out to go get supplies is convenient.
Around the world, a handful of schools exist which specifically teach the mystical arts. Both the number of students and curriculum varies greatly, and it cannot be said that a mage with a diploma from one of these schools is a greater mage than one who apprenticed with a sorceress living in a high tower deep in a dark forest.

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