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Magery is a rather new form of mysticism, in contrast to hedge-witchery and sorcery which are as old as time. For many centuries, magery was seen as a barbaric form of mysticism, and still is regarded so in some areas of the world. Nonetheless, its popularity has been increasing in recent decades.

Mystical abilities

The main type of magic manipulation magery focuses on is transformation: the extraction of magic and its subsequent release in the form of pure energy. This energy can manifest itself in the form of enhancement of one's own body qualities (like endurance, speed or stamina), mild telekinetic abilities and even short distance teleportation. In contrast to activation and transfer of magic, transformation does not leave behind a physical form. This is one of the reasons many ancient mages claim it is in fact not mysticism, but something else, and thus improper.


The most well-known mages performing magery are the magiers from Garyiala. The first ever magier was the Grand Magus Rigma Sharflame, who developed and perfected many of the abilities magiers are known for. He also founded Sharflame Academy, where today gifted youngsters are trained to eventually join the Garyialan Magier Corps of the National Garyialan Army. Since the establishment of Sharflame Academy, few other schools have arisen around the world and few single mages take on apprentices to teach this form of mysticism.
A teacher to educate in magery is of utmost importance, for transformation of magic is the most dangerous kind, even more than transfer, and can easily result in death of the performer. Only a few mages, like Rigma Sharflame, are known to have taught themselves.

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