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Spectral Ascendance

On Octisafell, those who believe in and adhere to the tenets of The Spectrum are assured an after life with The Great Father. He designed his people for fellowship with him for eternity.

The feelings of the observers is generally bitter-sweet. The loved ones are at once sad for themselves losing the loved one and at the same time joyful because they know he or she will be extatic in the presence of The Great Father.


The tradition of entering the heavens to join The Great Father began in 1 AG after the eight gods of Octisafell came down.


When a follower of the Spectrum dies, there is a ceremony officiated by a priest/priestess of the color of the spectrum which the deceased was devoted. At the end of the service a beam of light in the color of the spectrum the follower was devoted comes down from the sky and takes the body and spirit up in a flash.

If the deceased cannot be brought to The Temple in Tirfalon, then the ceremony can be held at a lesser temple in another town or city.

If the death occurs in a remote place or without anyone to observe the death, then the beam of light will consume the body where it is and return the person's spirit to The Great Father without a formal ceremony.

Components and tools

Offerings are brought by the observers of the Rising Ceremony as it is known. There is candle light and incense burnt in honor of the dead and the spectrum. The book of tenets is also present for the priest or priestess to read from during the service.


The participants in the ceremony include the officiating priest or priestess and any family members, friends, and other interested parties.


Usually the ceremony takes place three days after the death of the body of the person.


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