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The Nishanoyan Renaissance

Civil action


The decisions of a few changed the entire future of the continent and carried the citizens out of an era of anarchy.

Towards the end of the first decade the top families and notable people that were successful in survival and self-growth decided to have a formal council of the minds to finally bring some kind of order to the region. The main topics of interest was the formal establishment of a universal goverment, the creation of a local & diplomatic policing force, and a group that would document and research the geography, resources, terrains, and natural phenomenon etc. Furthermore, since it was a general consensus that every came from different places and times they wanted to come with innovative ways to live according to the new land that they are in, with hopes of bring the trying turbulent times to an end. Not only were these individuals successful, but they completed the task in just span of 2 years, marking the beginning of the Nishonoyan Renaissance in 12 AV.

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