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Occulta Mundos After The Void

Book 1 of 3
Centennial, 2019 AD. Abruptly transported to an altered reality, certain people, many of whom bear no recollection of their past life, including an astute teenager - Xander Astral, a loyal soldier - Cere Zin, the partially-blind herbalist - Micah, and a rebellious socialite - Genaiyah, embark on a new path of survival and discovery on a obscure planet. While on their journey through a strange multicultural continent they encounter both fantastical creatures and otherworldly beasts that seem straight out of myth and legend. Some have decided to live out a new life, while others have chosen the path to not only survive, but also research the cause of this ordeal and pursue the people responsible. However, trying to understand the phenomena happening within their own mind, body and soul is another ordeal within itself.
A dark, chimerical adventure that seamlessly blends the concepts of the supernatural, magic, politics, religion, race and spirituality that stretches across time, touching and manipulating the lives of various diverse characters, Occulta Mundos: After The Void is an enthralling enigmatic portrait of what can truly happen if you are thrust into a world of fantasy - surviving the evils and perils that exist in an uncertain world is a terrifying reality that even haunts us today.